After I graduated from MSUM in 2009, we took a family trip to Arizona to watch my cousin Olivia Em graduate from High School. We always joke about how we are so close as a family and that ten and twenty years from now, we'll still be taking family trips with all five of us. Here's an out-take from my first casino experience. My brother Clifton, cousin Dusty and her boyfriend Jeff were also in attendance. Clearly I've already had too much sun, as my sunburn will reveal and the only logical thing to do next is to eat the cactus. 

Check out Dusty's Blog RAW INDIE
Her blog is an online extension of her printed zine that covers everything indie, edgy, creative and rock-tastic in music, design, art and life. With her self-proclaimed nerdy twist on it all, it's a great journalistic view from an insider on the AZ counterculture scene and lover of anything and anyone rawcore... 


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